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Taupo - Highs and Lows

Just about to leave Taupo, after trying to leave yesterday - its a long story!!!

overcast 14 °C

Hey people!

Hope you're all having a good week, it's Thursday already here, so I've been in NZ a week, feels like sooo much longer!

I arrived in Taupo on Monday afternoon after a short bus ride from Rotorua, which was again really pretty and there was loads to look at on the way. It was a clear day in Taupo when I arrived, and it was beautiful, the lake is gorgeous and there are snow-capped mountains at the back which are just breath-taking! I think I've taken about a million pics of it, but you can't do it justice at all, but hopefully you can all get a bit more of an idea of what I can see.

I checked into Rainbow Lodge which is definitely the best hostel I've stayed in so far. I had an ensuite room, sharing with 4 others. I went for a bit of a wander round after I had dropped my bag off, but then started to feel a bit low, and decided I needed to talk to people, so I headed back to Rainbow. I met one girl who was staying in my room, Monica, who was from New York, but had been living in London, and has been travelling for about 7 months now. She was really lovely, and gave me loads of advice on travelling alone, and loads of tips on where to go in India and South East Asia. She had just done a 7 hr walk up one of the mountains that they used in Lord of the Rings, for Mount Doom. She had been walking with the other guys that were in our room, Bart and P-Y who were also really friendly and nice.

We ended up chatting for a while, then had dinner and then headed to bed. The next morning I got up fairly early and headed out to to the walk to Huka Falls, up the Waikato River. Again I've taken a bazillion pics of this, because it was so amazingly beautiful, so I'm sorry if you get bored, but it was gorgeous! I then went across to the 'Craters of the Moon' which is another area of geo-thermal activity (see pics again!) but to be honest, I wasn't that impressed. I also wasn't impressed when I was having lunch and I got up to leave and managed to smack the tops of my thighs on the corner of this massive wooden table. I now have two massive bruises on my legs (I have also put up pics!!) and it hurt quite a bit to walk. I did plan to walk back to Taupo, but then this group of v nice Malaysian Travellers offered me a lift back to town, which was lovely!

I chilled out at the hostel for a bit, and then Bart came back (they had been skydiving that morning!!) and said he was going to do a bungy jump and did I want to come along! I went and met Christo, who was from Belfast and had also been skydiving. Watching Bart do the jump was crazy! His body dip into the water at the bottom, and he said it was really weird., scarier than skydiving! We then went to sit in the thermal springs that were just a short walk away, and then headed back and had dinner.

Wednesday morning, I checked out and then did the Great Lakes walk along to 4 mile bay around Lake Taupo. It was a beautiful day, and I was out walking for about 5hrs in total. I had a little nap in the sun after I'd eaten my pack up (yes I reverted back to ham sarnie - Nan will be so proud!!) and then went back into town. I should explain that I had left my bag in a locker at this superloo, and the woman had said to me, 'we close at 5pm' I thought, no problem, my bus to Napier was booked for 5.30pm, and it stopped just next to the superloo, so I didn't think there would be any problems. After getting back from the lake, I sat and got a drink and then decided to hop online to kill a bit of time before the bus. I was just checking emails etc, when who should come online but my long-lost boyfriend Dan! I hadn't spoken to him for a while, so we managed to get onto Skype and actually see each other, which was incredibly exciting, as I think this was the first time we have seen each other since he went. I got so over-excited, that I ended up leaving the cybershed at 5.01pm, suddenly realising that the superloo closed at 5pm. I ran down the street, swearing under my breath all the way until I got there to see locked doors! I instantly started to cry and panic, and basically completely go to pieces. As all of you know only too well, I am a planner, and when things don't go to plan, I freak out - BIG TIME!! hehe But I managed to calm myself down enough to think, I still had my valuables with me, money, passport etc., and no one would be able to get to my bag, so that was safe. All I could hear was my Dad's voice saying 'there are no problems, just situations you need to deal with' So thanks for that Daddio, cos that's exactly what I did. I went back up to Rainbow Lodge, as I knew a couple of girls that were still there, and wanted something vaguely familar, booked in for another night, and basically tried to calm down, and sort out another bus to Napier today.

So that was my first major drama, and I'm through the other side now. I got up early this morning with visions of them throwing my bag away because I hadn't collected it, but when I got to the superloo, it was still there, so everything was fine. I'm hopping on the bus to Napier at about 12.30pm, and then leaving at 9am tomorrow to go to Wellington, so it will just be a flying visit, but as long as I get to take a few pics, and see the Aquarium, I'll be happy.

So, that's me up until about now, hope you've been entertained by all my antics! hehe

As always, I'm missing you all like crazy! I think this travelling lark is really sinking in now!

Love Abi xxx

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Rotorua, bit stinky but kind of cool!

Been in Rotorua for a day and a half now, but I'm definitely warming to it!

rain 15 °C

Hi Guys!

Hope you're all doing well, I'm missing you all loads, and thinking about all of you - weird little things remind me of home all the time!

So I left Auckland yesterday at 8.15am, after waking up at 4am and not being able to get back to sleep due to my jetlag. Its weird because as you all know, I love sleep - it's like my favourite thing to do, and I hate not being good at my favourite thing!! Anyway, I hopped on the nakedbus (with clothes on I might hasten to add - perverts the lot of you!!) and rode to Rotorua. The journey was lovely, so much of the scenery was just like home, one part made me think of Blenheim Palace and the lake, and I saw loads of little animals - loads of sheep, the really cute chubby kind, cows and a family of pigs with hundred of piglets running around!!

I arrived in Rotorua at about 12 noon and it was lovely and sunny again which was great, as I'd heard it was going to rain! I wandered around with my HUGE bag and found a place to stay called Astray, its a much smaller hostel than the one in Auckland, and the room is tiny too, but the showers are nicer and it feels more homey! hehe So I dumped my bag and then went for a walk around town to see what I could find.

I ended up at the Rotorua Museum, which used to be the old bath houses, as Rotorua has natural thermal springs and baths, that they used to use (and still kind of do) for medicinal purposes. I went round that, which had a really eerie quality to it, there were sunken baths in their original forms, where they used to electrocute people to cure them apparently?!?! Bit weird if you as me!

Then I wandered a bit more, and found this little cafe that looked kind of cool called Fat Dog (see my pics) and had a giant bowl of nachos which was goooood! Then, as I was sitting munching away it started to pee it down, and I was not dressed for rain! I had to hop back to the hostel, where I got warm, by having a little lie down on my bed. The girl I was sharing with then turned up, Huli (not sure if this is how you spell her name, sorry!!) She is from Argentina, and really nice, and we chatted about where we'd been and were going. She popped out and I ended up falling asleep (jetlag related once again). After a couple more hours of going in and out of consciousness, we decided to go out to a bar round the corner, The Pig and Whistle, where I had heard a band was playing. We got glammed up (ie I actually put eye liner on and added a scarf to my look of t-shirt and trousers!) and headed out! It was really great, the band were good, and did loads of covers, and it looked as though everyone from Rotorua had joined us, and was either on a hen or stag night!! We stayed for a couple of drinks until the band finished, and then headed back, but I was so glad I'd gone out - I'd been feeling a bit lonely in the day, but it really cheered me up to have someone to chat to.

This morning I had booked a tour around Lake Rotorua and a visit to the island in the middle, Mokoia. It was great, there was only 7 of us on the tour, two girls from Perth, a lesbian couple from Auckland (one of them called themselves Mike, but definitely wasn't a 'Mike'!!) and another couple from Victoria. We were taken out to the island by our Maori guide Ritchie, who was really lovely and talked us through the different stories and origins of the tribes that used to live on there. We got onto the island and had a good walk round, saw and heard some of the birds that only breed on there, and then tried some Maori bread and oils - two thumbs up I say!! It was really interesting learning about the tribes, and I'm going to try and do another tour in Taupo, where I'm heading tomorrow.

Anyway, that pretty much brings us up to date, gees, feels like I've been here ages, I've realised you can do loooads in a day when you're on your own!

I am just uploading all my pics onto my flickr site - http://www.flickr.com/photos/abilucy/ so have a good old look at those, and let me know what you think. It's taking ages, so I might just have to do half today.

Anyway, I'm off to have a nice long chill out in the thermal baths - its raining so this could be interesting!!

Love to you all.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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My first few days (mostly spent in a plane!)

Just a few things I've done since I left the UK at 10pm on Tuesday.

sunny 21 °C

Hi Guys!

I'm now in Auckland, as most of you know. Landed safe and sound yesterday at about 2.30pm and then made my way to the hostel.

The flights were fine, I did feel pretty sick for most of the journey, but I've got over that now, having been on solid ground for a while. Stopped in Bangkok airport for about an hr and a half, which was boiling hot, and v sunny. Got to see the sun set there as we were taking off which was beautiful, and then saw the sunrise in Sydney, where I had another stop before getting on yet another plane to Auckland. Managed to make my first friend on the plane - Holly. She unfortunately got off at bangkok, but we're going to try and meet up later on (hope your trek's going well Holly!!) O and I also got cankles for a while in between flights (Just like you said Holly!) my ankles looked so fat and chubby - it was super sexy!!!

Since landing, I've settled into the hostel lifestyle, its all a bit odd that I'm this far from home, I still don't think its sunk in that I'm on the journey I've been planning for so long - v surreal!! Went for a quick wander down Queen Street (main strip in Auckland centre) last night, after a long-overdue shower, and then had a super early night, as I was seriously pooped from the journey. Got up pretty early this morning and went for another walk around the city. Stopped in Albert park which was lovely, and the weather has been pretty good all day, bit windy, but nice and sunny. Then went up the Sky Tower, which had amazing views over the whole of Auckland, its the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere (they kind fo drill that into you!) so fairly impressive.
Then I decided to keep walking and finally decided to be a proper tourist and do a Harbour Cruise. This was pretty good, although there were about a bazillion Japanese kids on my cruise. We stopped off at this island called Rangitoto. No one lives on it, and its completely covered in vegitation, but there are about 25 of these weird little cottages dotted all over the coast of it (its only about 5km in diameter - check me out listening to the tour guide!) and they are kind of freaky. The island itself reminded me of the island in lost, although its probably nothing like it! We only stopped for 10mins, although I would of happily stayed exploring it for much longer.

And that's pretty much my day so far. My impression of Auckland has been nothing too exciting, its just another city really, and I'm looking forward to moving on tomorrow morning to Rotorua - hot springs and Maori culture here I come! I've booked my nakedbus pass already (you were right Jane - I am organised!!) so I'm all set!

I'm going to try and upload some pics in a bit, but I will probably put them on my flickr account, so I'll post a link to it on here so you can all have a look.

I hope you are all well, I'm missing you all and can't believe I've only just started!

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Home Time

Living it up in the big K-Town.

sunny 9 °C
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Hey guys!

Hope you're all doing good?

Just thought I would add something to the blog to keep your interest up!

I've been at home for nearly a week now, just chilling out, packing lots and trying to see everyone before I go. I've had several minor panic attacks since being home and counting down the days til T-day, but its all been good fun!

My bag is looking pretty full, and nearly ready (I can just about stand up with it on without falling backwards which is a bonus!) and I've been making list after list to try and remember everything. I'm sure I'm bound to forget something, lets just hope its not my passport!

I keep having waves of excitement and then nervousness, which I'm hoping is normal, and I just really can't believe that this time next week I'll be in Auckland - the other side of the world!

Anyway, not much else to report at the mo.

Love to all.


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Last week in Oxford

So I'm heading into my last (possibly ever) week living in Oxford - exciting and a bit sad all in one!

sunny 16 °C

Hello everyone.

I am just trying out the blog malarky and wanted to write something as I enter my last week as an Oxford resident. I'm very much looking forward to being unemployed for a while, but will miss everyone here. I think this bit is called the calm before the storm, as I have not yet done my first attempt to pack my rucksack!!

Anyway, nothing much to report, but I'll write something before I set off, and probably put some pics up from my leaving party - can't wait!

Love to all.


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